Great American Build Campaign Launches New Ad, ‘I Can Do That’

New Television Spot Features Workers Touting Clean Energy Jobs of Today, Potential of American Innovation and Workers to Solve the Climate Crisis

Washington, D.C. – The Great American Build campaign – a partnership of Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters, and Potential Energy Coalition – today launched a new television spot, “I Can Do That,” featuring workers touting the clean energy jobs that they are ready to get to work at today. The spot will begin airing this week on national cable and online in D.C., continuing through the month of July. This ad is the second in a series that began with “Calling All Builders” and shows that clean energy jobs are for working people.

“It’s time to change the narrative on climate, to be one that talks about something we can all agree on – the benefits for American workers,” said Nick Sonderup, Executive Creative Director, Pereira O’Dell. “What we try to always do is uncover the truth for any assignment. And this time, the truth is that addressing the crisis of our lifetime – climate change – also happens to be the opportunity of our lifetime. To rebuild America.”

“Solving climate change means there is simply a massive amount of building to do,” said John Marshall, Chairman and CEO, Potential Energy Coalition. “We’re excited to tell that story.”

“Inaction on climate this year is simply not an option,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV SVP of Campaigns. “We have the opportunity right now to put millions of people back to work in high-quality, union jobs in the clean energy economy while tackling climate change and environmental racism — let’s get it done.”

“The ocean is on fire, the West is battling an endless drought and record-breaking temperatures and Michigan is recovering from extraordinary flooding,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power executive director. “The climate crisis is real and there are millions of workers across the country ready to take it on and fix it. If we invest in the American workforce and a 100% clean energy future, we can both grow our economy and tackle climate change.” 

The ad features engineers, pipe fitters, autoworkers, construction workers and industrial welders ready to get to work building energy efficient homes, welding wind turbine towers, manufacturing electric cars and other jobs that will tackle climate change and grow the economy.

The creative team behind the ad was led by Pereira O’Dell, in partnership with Gimme Butter, Furlined, and Final Cut. Pereiro O’Dell also wrote and produced the Great American Build’s launch ad, “Calling All Builders,” which aired nationally and in Washington, D.C. during the spring. The firm  also recently volunteered its creative services to create the “It’s Up to You” creative platform, a campaign by the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to increase confidence in vaccination against COVID-19. It is the largest PSA campaign in U.S. history. 


I Can Do That :30 Script

Replace old pipes?

I can do that.

Install energy-efficient windows?

I can do that.

Build an electric car?

I can do that.

Weld the tower of a wind turbine?

Modernize the grid?

Install 10,000 solar panels?

Do what I’ve been doing my whole life?

Rebuild the country and protect America against climate change?

We can do that.

# # #