Climate Impact Report – 11/08

Quick Facts


degrees Fahrenheit was the estimated temperature raise at Sierra-at-Tahoe after the Caldor Fire incident


active large wildfires have burned 204,184 acres across CA and MT


of the Ute Mountain Ute Fair and Ranch Enterprise staffers had to be laid off this year due to depleted water sources

Key Facts Of The Day 11/8


  • As Tropical Storm Wanda has dissipated, a new system was located a few hundred miles east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on Monday and is forecast to track to the east-northeast over the next few days.

    • The hurricane center said there’s a chance that it could develop some of the features of a subtropical storm late this week or this weekend as it heads away from the U.S.

  • A powerful storm will develop with strong winds, heavy snow and severe thunderstorms this week in portions of the Plains, Midwest and western Great Lakes.

  • A storm off the northern coast of Florida contributed to coastal flooding Friday and Saturday up and down the Southeast coast.

    • No major damage was reported, but some roads in coastal communities like Charleston, South Carolina, were closed.

    • During the storm Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia saw abnormally high tides.

  • As Michigan’s temperature drops and snow starts to fall, researchers claim Michigan needs to diversify its power to prepare the state’s power grid for climate change.

  • As temperatures drop, winter heating bills increase.

  • As Texas faces a greater risk of extreme weather such as hurricanes, heat, and drought, but Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration has no plan to tackle future threats of climate change.


  • As of Friday, there are currently 4 large active wildfires that have burned 204,184 acres across CA and MT. This year to date, 48,725 wildfires have burned 6,529,662 acres across the country.

  • Prescribed burns are key to reducing wildfire risk, but federal agencies are lagging.

  • Wildfires have forced winemakers to make more rosé in order to avoid a smoky-tasting wine.

  • The Caldor Fire burned thousands of conifers, scorched chairlift towers, destroyed a maintenance shop and raised temperatures in some places to an estimated 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit at Sierra-at-Tahoe resort property.

  • In California, 3 fires have burned 202,805 acres as of Friday.

    • The Alisal Fire burned 16,970 acres and was 99% contained as of Friday.

    • The KNP Complex Fire burned 88,307 acres and was 75% contained as of Friday.

    • The Windy Fire burned 97,528 acres and was 92% contained as of Friday.

  • In Montana, 1 fire has burned a total of 1,379 acres as of Friday.

Extreme Heat

  • The higher temperatures and drought caused by climate change has depleted many rivers and reservoirs in Colorado.

    • The Ute Mountain Ute Farm and Ranch Enterprise this year had to lay off 50% of their staff, who are mostly members of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, after the depleted water sources led to a reduction in the alfalfa and corn crops.

  • Warming temperatures and drought due to climate change will delay and inhibit Michigan’s autumn foliage color change in the years ahead.

  • October’s torrential rains brought some drought relief to northern California, but much of this state is still in exceptional drought conditions.

  • The worst drought on record has affected the natural ecosystem in Utah, with the mule deer population especially in decline.

  • Scientists at Florida Gulf Coast University are turning fish killed by Red Tide into ready-to-use organic fertilizer.

  • The California Public Utilities Commission issued a set of proposals to address the risk of electricity outages during extreme heat events similar to the climate-driven, west-wide heat waves of 2020 and 2021.

New Reports And Data

  • A November 2021 study found that climate change has been the main cause of the growing amount of land in the western U.S. destroyed by large wildfires.

  • A November 2021 study found that most of the current electricity demand in advanced, industrialized nations can be met by some combination of wind and solar power.

  • A November 2021 study found a link between PFAS exposure and late-onset preeclampsia in pregnant women.

  • A September 2021 poll found that 70% of Americans are now very or somewhat worried about global warming.


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