Climate Impact Report – 10/20

Quick Facts


counties in California have been declared to be under a drought emergency


of the 600 trees were planted in a historic New Orleans neighborhood to mitigate extreme heat and floods

nearly 50%

more wildfires were experienced by Minnesota this year

Key Facts Of The Day 10/20


  • As of Wednesday, flooding continues on a street in Victoria, Texas.

    • Residents urge the city to do more than just warn them about intense flooding.

  • The recent flooding in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania completely destroyed the Riverside Dog Park along the riverfront.

  • With the arrival of La Niña, increased rainfall in the Northwest could lead to flooding and mudslides because the soil is scarred from the raging wildfire season.

  • Officials bracing for a significant winter storm headed for Reno-Tahoe region.

    • The area includes the Dixie and Caldor fire burn scars, which bring concerns about potential mudslides, erosion and flooding.

  • The damage caused by Hurricane Ida threatens Native American culture unique to Terrebonne parish, Louisiana by pushing people to move out of the region.

  • Local police departments are citing climate disasters when seeking military gear.

    • In Johnson County, Iowa, the sheriff’s office claims that the massive, mine-resistant vehicle is to be primarily used during extreme weather events in order to save residents from the state’s extraordinary blizzards or floods.


  • As of Tuesday, there are currently 18 large active wildfires that have burned 2,253,764 acres across CA, ID, MT, OR, and WA.

  •  So far this year, Minnesota has experienced nearly 50% more wildfires.

  • As global temperatures climb, drought conditions similar to those seen this summer could become more common in the Midwest, potentially leading to an uptick in its number of wildfires.

  • As wildfire seasons grow longer and more deadly, Congress proposes legislation to raise firefighter pay, provide funding for health care, paid leave, retirement benefits and housing assistance.

  • In California, 8 fires have burned 1,905,459 acres as of Tuesday.

    • The Alisal Fire burned 17,254 acres and was 78% contained as of Tuesday.

      • Tajiguas landfill facing temporary closure and an estimated $20 million in Alisal Fire damage.

    • The Caldor Fire burned 221,835 acres and was 98% contained as of Tuesday.

    • The Dixie Fire burned 963,309 acres and was 94% contained as of Tuesday.

    • The KNP Complex Fire burned 88,068 acres and was 55% contained as of Tuesday.

      • Two iconic giant sequoias were spared from the KNP Complex Fire in California, but it could be months before a full damage assessment is complete.

  • In Idaho, 3 fires have burned a total of 135,842 acres as of Tuesday.

  • In Montana, 3 fires have burned a total of 5,673 acres as of Tuesday.

  • In Oregon, 3 fires have burned a total of 99,468 acres as of Tuesday.

  • In Washington, 1 fire has burned a total of 107,322 acres as of Tuesday.

Extreme Heat

  • The summer of 2021 set a new high for average land temperature.

  • As of Saturday, a nonprofit planted 80 of the planned 600 trees in a historic New Orleans neighborhood to mitigate the effects of extreme heat and flooding.

  • As climate change creates more farming challenges, a researcher at Southern Illinois University is developing heat-tolerant pumpkins.

  • California Governor Newsom has declared all 58 counties in the state to be under a drought emergency.

  • Rain is unlikely to reach drought-starved reservoirs that supply Sonoma County.

  • Due to ongoing drought, a Pinal County alfalfa farmer struggles to grow crops with less water.

  • As climate change intensifies, Seville, Spain becomes the first city in the world to categorize and name heat waves.

New Reports And Data

  • An October 2021 study found that putting honeybee hives on solar parks could help increase crop production in surrounding farmland.

  • An October 2021 study found that the benefits of animal migration have been eroded by the effects of climate change and human pressure.

  • An October 2021 study found that 84% of trash on Australian beaches is plastic.


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